New shop to open in Horsham town centre

Site of the new shop in Horsham's Carfax
Site of the new shop in Horsham's Carfax

A new shop is set to open soon in Horsham’s Carfax.

The store - a new artisan bakery - will be on the site of the former BattleQuest Games shop which closed in October.

The shop - Coughlans Bakery - is a family-run business with a number of outlets in Surrey and Kent.

The Coughlan family say the bakery was founded by their grandad Jack Coughlan in 1937 and the business is now in its third generation.

In a notice in the shop window, the family say: “We are proud of our heritage and we just love baking and can’t wait to share it with the lovely people of Hoursham.”

They add: “Our reputation over the past 81 years has always been based on our fantastic tasting products which are handmade by our craftsmen.”