Mystery garden prowler spooks villagers in Billingshurst

Police news
Police news

A mystery garden prowler has left people in Billingshurst feeling spooked.

Many say they have noticed the gates to their gardens being left open in the middle of the night and others say they have seen someone lurking in their gardens.

Police say they were called to one house in Renton Close in the early hours of yesterday following a report of a man ‘acting suspiciously’ in the garden.

A spokesman said: “Officers attended, but there was no trace of the man.”

Meanwhile, people in the village have taken to social media to voice their concerns. One woman said that the gate of her garden kept getting opened at night.

Another said she had also experienced a mystery gate-opening but had now padlocked it.

Another woman said she heard someone open her garden gate soon before 6am, but could not see anyone when she went to investigate.

Reports were also made of the mystery prowler in Roman Way, Arun Road,Forge Way and Dauxwood Close in Billingshurst.