Meet the six-year-old picking litter to save the Polar Bears

Emelia Warwick, 6
Emelia Warwick, 6

A Bognor six-year-old has taken the fight against global warming into her own hands.

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After learning about the plight of the Polar Bear due to global warming, six-year-old Emelia Guppy decided she would spend her weekend picking litter.

Wielding a litter-picker her grandfather used to grab the remote control when he broke his leg, Emelia was taken on two litter picking excursions by mum Anna Warwick.

The first, on the beach of Bognor Regis, after which Anna offered to take her to a bouncy castle on Sunday morning, but Emilia stopped her, saying she still needed to pick litter in Hotham Park.

Anna said: “I’m so proud that she is choosing to do it and wanting to make a difference to the little world around her. She was enjoying it. We downloaded a ‘clean you beach’ app. She was surprised to find 64 pieces of plastic and she was really motivated by that."