‘Horsham’s biggest celebrities since Shelley’ reflect on viral video on 9 year anniversary

The duo who produced a viral video poking fun at Horsham have reflected on its success on the film’s ninth anniversary.

Thursday, 19th August 2021, 5:28 pm

S*** No One Says in Horsham was made by Chris Bryant and Michael ‘Woody’ Woodard – who said they hope they get the red carpet treatment on their return to ‘H Town’.

The comic short – which contains some fruity language – contains a collection of sayings they joked would never be heard in Horsham – including ‘Shelley’s beats Brighton hands down’ and ‘I think Horsham FC will get promoted this year’.

And now, nearly a decade on from the film’s premiere, Horsham’s Morecambe and Wise have taken a look back at their film.

Woody said: “We had a lot to say and a lot to express about the town we grew up in.

“We were inspired – there were a lot of videos around at the same time – it was maybe just going through a bit of a trend. We thought we could do one about Horsham.”

Chris added: “Good old H Town. We used to just walk around the streets of Horsham in the middle of the night as a hobby. Appreciate the beautiful town.”

He said the duo’s nighttime strolls were sometimes after a night out at the town’s hottest venues where they were known to ‘dent the occasional dance floor’.

Chris Bryant, left and Michael Woodard in 2012 when the video premiered

Research consultant Chris joked: “After the video dropped we had a lot of interest from Hollywood. In the end we decided to move to Bristol.”

Woody – now a civil servant – said he has since moved to London to ‘make the most of my fame’ before his 30th birthday.

The duo claim they are Horsham’s biggest celebrities since poet Percy Shelley.

But is S*** No One Says in Horsham still relevant today?

Michael Woodard and Chris Bryant

Chris said: “Horsham doesn’t change that much. I imagine it’s relevant in many ways. It’s a nice thing.”

Although Horsham has moved on since 2012 in two significant ways. The town’s football club has climbed three divisions to play in the Isthmanian Premier division and the Shelley Fountain has been removed and replaced by some trees.

Chris joked: “I heard a rumour the Shelley Fountain went on tour as the giant peach.”

But Woody wants to see the massive watery globe return to its town centre site.

He said: “We could bring it back. [But] we don’t want to move Shelley’s bush.”