Horsham ‘on the map’ after ‘incredible’ evening

Tristan with cast & guests at A Dark Reflection premier
Tristan with cast & guests at A Dark Reflection premier

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood came to Horsham last week as the red carpet was rolled out at the Capitol theatre.

A Dark Reflection, the latest film by Horsham-based Fact Not Fiction Films, premiered at the town theatre on Thursday, February 26, where stars of the film were joined by VIPs and special guests to mark the first screening of the Sussex based thriller.

Hundreds of people packed out both screens at the cinema to watch the first release of the new film which highlights the dangers of contaminated air on aircraft.

Director and former airline pilot, Tristan Loraine, was thrilled with the final production and wanted to thank everyone who had made the film possible.

He said: “Tonight was an incredible experience. It was a fantastic, Horsham was on the map and I think we really really can be proud to say Fact Not Fiction Films in Horsham has made a film which will hopefully play a huge part in the future of air travel.

“The cast and the crew were exceptional we are absolutely thrilled to bits with the film, never forget this is a team effort, the team made this happen and I am really proud of it.”

The film, partly filmed in Horsham, is based on true events and sees two local journalists, working for the ‘Sussex Standard’ newspaper, stumble across the hidden truth of contaminated air on aircraft, which is not only endangering passengers but also airline crew.

The pair try to uncover the truth about the issue and put pressure on national airline company, JASP Air, to sort out the problem on their planes, whilst also trying to get hold of the national scoop.

Tristan continued:“We decided to make the film A Dark Reflection because we wanted to educate the travelling public about of the issues of contaminated air on aircraft.

“Over 1,000 people in the UK film industry, the cast, crews, investors and unions all came together to make this film and I really feel it is an important step in educating the travelling the public and hopefully when the travelling public have watched this film they will tell the airlines we want clear air to breathe on all aircraft, just like is available on the Boeing 747.”

Tristan added the film had a small budget of around £250,000 and there were times he thought it may not have been made.

Actor Mark Dymond, who plays Ben Tyrell CEO of JASP Air, said he was extremely impressed with how the director managed to pull it all together and had done very well to create the film on such a small budget.

He said: “He got so much from so little and got so many people motivated and excited about working on it.

“He had an exceptionally small budget, again he is amazing at getting stuff made and amazing at getting people passionate about his projects.

“He made it at an incredibly high production value for such a small project, it has been a fantastic thing to work on.”

TJ Herbert, who played air traffic controller Joe Forbes in the production, has worked with Tristan before and agreed with Mark.

He said: “It’s exciting, it’s really exciting.

“I think it is a massive achievement for Tristan the director to be able to after two-and-a-half-years with not very much money sloshing around at that particular time to get the film here now.

“To have theatrical release here and up and down the country is a massive achievement.”

Rita Ramnani plays Natasha Stevens, one of the two journalist trying to uncover the hidden danger. She added: “It is lovely when you get to see it all come together and you can actually celebrate it with something like this and something as big as this.

“I have to hand it to Tristan on how well he has organised everything and really put his efforts into making something so special.”

As well as the main cast and crew there were many actors and actresses in the production from across the town who either had small parts in the film or played extras.

Eighteen-year-old Romina Hytten, a former pupil at Farlington School, had a role playing Molly Adamson a young glider pilot who meets the journalists trying to uncover the story.

She said she met Tristan at a careers fair at her old school and he asked her to get in touch about appearing in the film.

She continued: “I emailed him and didn’t really think anything would happen, then he emailed back and said yes that’s great come and meet me for an audition and I did and I got the part so it was all a bit of whirlwind, it was good.

“It was my first red carpet event it was really amazing it was much bigger than I expected it to be.

“It was really really exciting.”

The film is now being shown in cinemas across the country.

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