Horsham mum’s quest to raise awareness of early years mindfulness

Grief at losing family members to cancer helped a Horsham mum to turn her life around.

Tuesday, 27th July 2021, 10:31 am
Updated Thursday, 29th July 2021, 8:43 am

And now Angela Spencer wants to help others ... from the moment they are born.

Angela is an accredited mindfulness and meditation teacher and her goal is to join the Duchess of Cambridge in her quest to raise awareness of early years mindfulness.

Her passion and vision is to teach parents and educators the benefits the practice can bring to children.

Angela Spencer

“Mindfulness practice in early years is a powerful tool using simple techniques that bring a child’s awareness to the present moment in an accepting, non-judgmental manner that helps them to develop self–control and minimise anxiety and increase happiness.”

Angela - an early years practitioner who works at Horsham Nursery School in Harwood Road - was first introduced to mindfulness when she hit a low point in her life after losing family members to cancer.

”To my friends and family I was happy, strong, bubbly Angela, however internally I was struggling with my own thoughts of mortality and those thoughts developed into anxiety.

“A close friend of mine introduced me to Buddha Meditation. At first I was sceptical as I thought meditation was for hippies, religious and just a bit ‘woo woo’ for me, but I was curious so went along.

Early years mindfulness can 'lessen anxiety and make children happier'

“As I sat there with my busy self-sabotaging mind, a monk sat before me and talked about stilling the mind and entering the emptiness. It was a life changing moment for me as I sat there in the moment with tears dripping from my face.

“I began to notice the thoughts and stories were exactly just that – ‘I was not the thoughts and stories in my head.’

“Mindfulness meditation was not ‘woo woo’ it was more powerful than that. It allowed me to awaken my consciousness and become aware of the sensations and stories in my body and allow them to go.

“I became fascinated about the mind and learning about how patterns of behaviour and habits can imprint into our brain starting from a very early age and how it affects us throughout our lives.

Early years mindfulness can reduce anxiety in children

“Early Years Mindfulness Meditation should be a practice from birth and throughout school life and beyond.

“That’s my passion – that’s my message.”

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