Horsham movie making duo celebrate top London award

A Horsham film making duo have been celebrating after being honoured with a top award.

Sarah Holloway’s directing debut has seen her project ‘Lucy: Breaking the Silence’ pick up Best Documentary at the London Independent Film Awards.

The piece, produced by Horsham based film company Fact Not Fiction Films, told the tragic story of a 22-year-old girl who took her own life.

Sarah worked on the project with production manager Beth Moran and both were overjoyed with the honour.

Sarah said: “Receiving the award particularly as a first time director is amazing and is very exciting.

“To have all your hard work and all your blood, sweat and tears recognised is amazing.”

The film tells the heartbreaking story of Lucy Rayner’s battle with depression.

Sarah and Beth worked alongside her family to produce the documentary which is a short education piece designed to raise awareness of metal health issues in young people.

Sarah - a former teacher at Reigate College - said the project was something she felt very passionately about.

She said: “My heart is for young people in every way. I have taught for the last nine or ten years and been in education with young teens.

“It’s very true to my heart being able to work on a project that ties into my passion and can make a difference to that age group.”

Sarah now wants the film to be shared with more people so it could continue spreading awareness and try and help prevent more young people committing suicide.

“My hope is to take the film into colleges and universities where young people and staff can become aware of issues and start asking questions,” she said.

The film was Sarah’s first project as a director and she thanked both Fact not Fiction Films and the Lucy Rayner Foundation for letting her tell the story.

She added: “I would love to have the opportunity to direct again but it’s not just something you can make happen.”