Flat damaged during car park demolition ‘incident’ in Horsham town centre

Burtons Court, Horsham SUS-181016-171645001
Burtons Court, Horsham SUS-181016-171645001

A flat in Horsham town centre has suffered structural damage after ‘an incident’ during the demolition of a nearby council-owned car park.

The flat - in Burtons Court, off Park Way - was damaged when workers were knocking down Piries Place car park as part of a £35 million revamp of the area.

No-one was in the flat at the time but the occupants of two nearby flats were evacuated and put up in alternative accommodation.

A spokesman for Horsham District Council said: “The council was notified by Kier, the council’s contractor, that there had been an incident involving the demolition of the Piries Place Car Park that had caused structural damage to Flat 12 in the Burtons Court complex, which is owned by landlords L&Q.

“Work stopped immediately and the premises were inspected by the health and safety representatives of Kier, L&Q, and Horsham District Council, along with respective structural engineers.

“The impact on the existing structure was assessed and appropriate actions taken to ensure the ongoing safety of any residents, members of the public and those working on the site.

“No-one was hurt in relation to this incident. Flat 12 was empty at the time of the incident and as a precautionary measure only, two flats in the same vicinity of Flat 12 were also vacated.

“Residents were rehoused by the landlord of the property and any costs incurred will be met by an insurance claim.”