Confused people mistake Costa Rican ‘beer lover’ for Crawley MP

A ‘beer lover’ from Costa Rica says he has been subject to social media hate after people confused him with the Crawley MP.

Friday, 6th August 2021, 12:19 pm

Henry Smith, from Costa Rica, just happens to have the same name as Henry Smith – MP for Crawley.

And it’s been leading to plenty of head-scratching from confused constituents trying to get in touch with their elected representative.

Software engineer Henry Smith has the Twitter handle @HenrySmith and people often tweet him with problems and feedback about Crawley – despite the fact he is thousands of miles away.

Crawley MP Henry Smith, not Costa Rican 'beer lover' Henry Smith

One Twitter user was trying to get in touch with the MP when in fact they had tagged his Costa Rican counterpart who said: “I guess you’re talking about Henry Smith the MP? Not the first time I got tagged like this.”

The user replied: “I am so sorry!”

And the Costa Rican Henry Smith revealed the tweets he receives are ‘mainly critical... even with a little bit of hate’.

He recently joked: “I’m not even from UK but I already hate @HenrySmithUK because people always tagged me cos’ of him!”

Henry Smith MP and Henry Smith the software engineer have been approached for comment.