Christmas sales in October slammed as ‘sad’

Is Christmas getting earlier each year? SUS-181110-120916001
Is Christmas getting earlier each year? SUS-181110-120916001

‘Save Christmas until December!’ That’s the message from people in Horsham after Christmas goods started going on sale in local shops last week.

People have posted on social media that stores now stocking up with festive fare - before the clocks have even gone back - is ‘far too early.’

And they have slammed the early Yuletide product push as ‘way too commercial.’

One woman posted on Facebook: “Just back from M&S and they had the full display, I almost went in to a panic mode.”

Therese Willes said: “I don’t know how my parents managed. It’s taken all the spirit away of Christmas and has become very commercial. Sad isn’t it.”

Kris Massie added: “Far too early - what’s wrong with advertisers and people? There’s enough time at the end of November without being reminded months before.”

And Graeme Coward posted: “S.C.U.D. Save Christmas Until December!”

But some people are all in favour of an early start. Alex FitzPatrick said: “I understand why people feel it’s early, but some need to spread the cost over several months, rather than lay out one lump sum in December.”

And his advice for shops: “Maybe a gradual introduction, slowly building up their displays would be a more subtle approach.”