Chichester bride 'devastated' by loss of sentimental brooch on her wedding day

Have you seen this turtle brooch?
Have you seen this turtle brooch?

A Chichester woman has been left 'devastated' after losing a sentimental turtle brooch on the day of her wedding.

Jessica and Jack Rowley had just arrived at Chichester Harbour Hotel for their wedding reception on Thursday, May 23, when the bride realised she must have dropped the wedding gift from her husband en route from the ceremony at the Guildhall in Priory Park.

Speaking on behalf of the couple, who are now on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, their friend Lauren Bromley said: "We have a very upset newly wed, who lost a turtle brooch that her husband gave her as a wedding present from his late nan.

"Jack's nan had given him two of these turtle broaches before she died, so he kept one and gave the other to Jessica.

"She had attached it to her garter on the day of the wedding. She is absolutely devastated.

"We did try and look once she had realised but nothing. We are not entirely sure where it was lost [but] they had photos taken on the field around the church and then walked through the side door to the hotel."

Lauren said that although the brooch has no real value, it is sentimental and Jessica 'would really like it back'.