Call for help to run Southwater skatepark

Southwater skatepark
Southwater skatepark

Plans are being made to form a new management group to run a village skatepark which is currently closed for repairs.

Southwater Parish Council - which is responsible for running the skatepark on the edge of Southwater Country Park - shut the skatepark last month on ‘health and safety’ grounds after holes appeared in the area.

The council now says the skatepark will remain closed for three months while repairs are carried out.

Meanwhile it is hoping people will come forward to help run the site in future. Many local residents have voiced their support for the skatepark, saying it is a much-loved facility.

Announcing the closure, the council said: “A number of holes which had previously been repaired have now reopened.”

It also said there was a loose board close to one of the holes which was “extremely fragile and likely to give way should a bike or skateboard hit this. This could cause harm to any person using the skatepark and it is for this reason that the park is closed.”

And in a statement this week - following a council meeting - the council said: “The council have agreed to firstly allow the small repairs to the running surface to be repaired, allowing the skatepark to be reopened for a three-month period. The Heras fencing in place will then be removed.

“It is hoped that during the three-month period, local residents and user groups involved at the skatepark will come forward to work with councillors to form a community organisation who may be interested in managing the site going forward.

“Should you wish to become involved in such discussions please contact the Parish Council office on 01403 733202 and leave your name and telephone number or alternatively, email:”

Some people have taken to social media to announce their support for the skatepark. One woman said: “This park is loved more than the council is aware, such a amazing skatepark with awesome history people still travel miles to ride it. Even in the state it’s in. Listen to the users: save southwater skatepark!”