Buck Barn McDonald’s: What’s been happening? What’s new? And when is it re-opening?

Buck Barn McDonald's. Photo courtesy of Google Maps
Buck Barn McDonald's. Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Buck Barn McDonald’s has undergone a major digital transformation over the past month which has seen new services introduced to the area for the first time.

The fast food outlet completed its refurbishment earlier this week, bringing with it a whole host of new features.

We have answered some of the key questions behind the new restaurant and what it will now be offering.

What’s been happening?

The fast food restaurant shut up shop on August 28 to carry out a digital transformation.

At the time McDonald’s said it was undertaking the works in a bid to install the ‘latest innovations’ in an aim to ‘improve and enhance the restaurant experience for customers’.

It planned to create new facilities to support new services including click and collect, self service kiosks and table service.

Signs originally went up inside the fast food outlet stating it would be shut until October 11.

What’s New?

Click and Collect

A new click and collect service has been created at the Buck Barn restaurant.

The service allows customers to order their food via the McDonald’s app either inside the restaurant or on the go. You then pay via the app.

Customers will be asked to check-in and scan a mobile barcode at a mobile check-in point when they arrive at the restaurant. You can then chose whether you would like to have table service, eat in, or take out. You will then be given an order number.

Your food will either be delivered to your table or you will be asked to look out for your order number and collect your meal.

McDonald’s says customers will also be able to redeem offers via the app.

Self Service Kiosks

Another new service at the Buck Barn restaurant is the introduction of self service kiosks.

These are screens that have started to appear at many McDonald’s across the country where you can order your food yourself.

Customers will also be able to access nutritional information and amend their order in a way that suits them.

Table Service

As well as being able to collect food from the drive-thru or pick up food yourself customers will now be able to order a meal and have it brought over to them.

McDonald’s says it is the first restaurant in its category to offer this service, which has also been rolled out at many other outlets across the country.

It has also allowed the creation of up to 20 new jobs.

Interactive tablets and phone charging

It’s not just food that’s on offer with McDonald’s saying it has introduced new features to the Buck Barn restaurant to keep customers entertained.

New free to use tablets have been installed complete with games and apps.

Mobile phone charging ports have also been installed for those needing a quick top up whilst eating their food.

When will it be re-opening?

The restaurant has re-opened today (October 11).