Brand-new Sussex summer shopping event will focus on wellness

Emma Schwarz
Emma Schwarz

The themes and lessons of Chichester’s Wellness Wednesdays series will be brought together for a brand-new event from the city’s Rare Brand Market.

Emma Schwarz has masterminded Wellness at the Barn 2019, a new summer event which you can attend on either May 15 or May 16 at Farbridge Barn, West Dean.

Emma is inviting you to come on either day, whichever date works for your diary. The event opens at 9am and closes at 5pm each day, with a choice of two ticket options.

“If you truly want to carve out a day for yourself to rejuvenate and be empowered, then choose the Retreat day option. For £45 including a lunch from our BBVegan Pop-up Cafe you can make a big day of it. Come whenever you want from 9am but from 9.30am to 3.30pm you will be able to attend six fantastic wellness workshops/talks. Or if you just want to come and shop for all things summer, then choose the £8 shopping ticket.

“We have been doing Wellness Wednesdays for nearly 14 months now, every month, different subjects, and we felt we needed almost to summarise all the key subjects and themes that we have been discussing and put them together with a package that encourages summer life-style shopping.”

As Emma says, summer shopping is more “discretional”: “People are busy, their calendars are busy, they are busy with the children, and they have perhaps not got the motivation to do a lot of shopping, which means that you have got to offer something more if you are going to offer off-pitch shopping. We have decided to give the shoppers something more for their money, and we are calling it Wellness at the Barn.” There will be a full range of rare brands, offering something different, the individual non-high-street emerging brands: “And we have put the price at a non-brainer. Why not come along and educate yourself with some of the market-leading specialists?”

But, as Emma says, you can take it all a big step further and take in what she is calling the day’s mid-life toolkit: “Our customers are mainly ladies, mid-30s to 60, that mid-life point which is really interesting. You have got children that have grown up a bit and are much more independent, but you are still mothering them. You might have elderly parents, and your health might be a bit sluggish because you have spent the past ten to 15 years caring for your children. The mid-life point might be a point to stagnate or you can reinvent yourself and rejuvenate yourself.”

Emma will be persuading you to do the latter – across a range of talks from leading wellness professionals: “In accordance with our Wellness Wednesday philosophy these ladies are real women and will educate and inspire you and give you practical, research-based information. They will create clarity for you in all their subject areas, and they will dispel media myths and confusion for you to practise some self-care and give yourself a day to rejuvenate and be empowered.”


The talks are:

Mindset for reinvention: Laura Coleman is the founder of and applies contemporary brain-training techniques in her meditation philosophy.

Nourishing Children & Female Hormones: Lucinda Miller is founder of and author of The Good Stuff.

Resilience Training: Sally Harding, of, is an inspirational lady, Emma says: “We felt compelled to bring Sally in to talk about resilience as we need it more than ever before at the midlife stage.”

Holistic Health & The Gut: Dr Indika of is an experienced NHS GP turned functional medicine and lifestyle doctor: “She is on a mission to help the growing movement of health professionals and patients to tackle the burden of chronic disease with powerful science-driven holistic approaches that cause positive and empowering whole-body shifts that are often far superior to mainstream pharmaceuticals and other disease-focussed strategies

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