Bognor Regis' town crier tells of excitement for Hastings criers competition

Picture by Kate Henwood
Picture by Kate Henwood

Bognor Regis’ town crier is set to compete in a national town criers competition on Saturday.

Jane Smith took home the trophy for Best Dressed Town Crier at last year’s event and will compete against town criers from across the UK.

The mother of five said: "I am really looking forward to the competition and seeing my fellow criers.

"They’re a fabulous group of folks and always have lots of tips and advice to pass on.

"It’s also a great opportunity to cry about Bognor Regis too.

"I’m really excited, it’s a great event.

"I big up Bognor everywhere I go and spread the word."

Jane’s friend will be going along to Hastings to support her and her husband will be staying at home with the children.

The criers will be judged on their clarity, diction, inflection and volume and their costume.

They are given two cries, one in the morning and based on words about the crier’s home town.

The second of which is about an inspirational person.

Jane said: "All my kids think I’m so cool now, they are really proud, which is lovely and my husband is very supportive."

Hastings is celebrating 1066 week with events running across two weeks.

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