Pensioner’s accident warning at lack of crossing near surgery

jpco-3-7-13 Pensioners at Brighton Road, Southgate (Pic by Jon Rigby)
jpco-3-7-13 Pensioners at Brighton Road, Southgate (Pic by Jon Rigby)

A pensioner has warned the road outside her doctor’s surgery “is just waiting for an accident” unless a crossing point is installed.

The concern, involving the road outside Southgate Medical Centre, Brighton Road, was also raised at a recent meeting of the West Crawley County Local Committee by county councillor Michael Jones.

Cllr Jones told the meeting that, when Southgate Medical Group received planning approval for the medical centre from Crawley Borough Council three years ago, the installation of a traffic island was also agreed, yet nothing had been done.

Brenda Tidd, of Wakehurst Drive, described how difficult it was for some people - particularly pensioners - to cross the busy road to get to the Medical Centre.

Mrs Tidd, 71, said: “It’s absolutely horrendous. When the surgery was built they were meant to install some kind of crossing.

“We had some people show up with lorries and cones and they were there for a day and then went away. It’s so dangerous.

“We have a lot of elderly people who have a job to get across the road and the speed some of the cars go is unbelieveable.

“I would like to see a proper crossing and they have to do something about the speeding. It’s just waiting for an accident down there, especially first thing in the morning.”

Cllr Jones added: “I appreciate that some attempt was made, but that was nearly five months ago. Yet having looked at this, there does not appear to be any sense of urgency by West Sussex, or the medical centre, to get this done.

“That is not good enough. Urgent action needs to be taken, and this is a big issue in Southgate.”

Dr Amit Bhargava, GP Principal at the medical centre, said: “We are also dissapointed and concerned that this crossing, that we as the practice, felt was essential before we moved has been progressively delayed.”

A spokesman for the county council said: “We are still awaiting submission of a new application after the original contractor went into administration.”