Pay as you go driving for Horsham

Horsham Car Club
Horsham Car Club

A new community car club will soon be making an appearance on streets around Horsham.

A brand new Toyota Aygo and a Toyota Yaris Hybrid will be located in North Street by Horsham Station and on Queen Street / Brighton Road between Park Terrace East and Arthur Road.

The cars will be available to members of the Car Club to rent with prices starting from £3.75 per hour or £17.50 per day.

The cars will give individuals and businesses in Horsham the convenience of pay as you go driving and means they are able to use a clean, modern and reliable vehicle for trips that cannot be undertaken by public transport, walking or cycling.

Pierre Fox, Director of Co-Wheels Car Club, said: “We are delighted to be introducing a car club to Horsham and giving our members 24 hour access to a car without the cost and hassle of owning one.

“As a social enterprise, we want to help our members save money, reduce car ownership and usage and help the environment. We believe you shouldn’t need to own a car to use one.”

John O’Brien, West Sussex County Council Acting Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, added: “Solutions for sustainable transport, like the car club, are important if we are to ensure a happy and healthy county in the long term.

“For longer journeys, where walking or cycling are not an option and public transport may not be suitable, this is a great alternative.”

To find more about the Car Club, and to sign up, visit The joining fee is £25.

Co-Wheels Car Club are also supporting this year’s Horsham Cycle Challenge and will be giving a lifetime membership and £20 driving credit to all members of the winning teams (those who finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team in each Team Category challenge).

All participants are also being offered the opportunity to join Co-Wheels for just £1, instead of the usual £25 joining fee.

The Horsham Cycle Challenge is a free competition where workplaces compete to see who can get the most people riding a bike for 10 minutes or more.

It aims to get more people cycling more often, whether for fun, exercise or to commute to work.

For details of the Cycle Challenge, please visit