Pay and display car parks or pay on foot?

A consultation has been launched to find out if car park users would like a ‘pay on foot’ system at the Avenue de Chartres multi-storey car park in Chichester.

Chichester District Council is considering introducing the system as part of its Parking Strategy.

It would like to know whether users of the car park would prefer this type of system, as well as what they think about the car park.

“Currently, users of the car park ‘pay and display’, meaning they have to work out how long they will be before even entering the city.

“The ‘pay on foot’ system would allow people to pay for their parking at the end of their visit,” says Kenrick Garraway, assistant director for the economy at Chichester District Council.

“The ‘pay on foot’ system could benefit shoppers as they could stay as long as they like without fear of overstaying their pre-selected parking time. It could encourage more people to stay longer in our city and enjoy the many wonderful shops and attractions that we have on offer.”

If the new system is introduced, barriers would need to be installed at the entrance and exit to the car park, and new pay machines at various locations around the car park.

The survey will run until Sunday December 9. It can be found online at

To get a paper copy of the survey, contact the Corporate Information Team on 01243 534623 or email