‘Pawsome’ week for Southwater dog lover

Southwater Katie Dalrymple and her dog Wizz at the Young Kennel Club (YKC) Summer Camp.  (photo by Leanne Graham)
Southwater Katie Dalrymple and her dog Wizz at the Young Kennel Club (YKC) Summer Camp. (photo by Leanne Graham)

A Southwater teenager and her four legged best friend Wizz have started their summer holidays with a week of ‘pawsome’ activities.

Katie Dalrymple, 13, joined 67 other dog loving children, all aged from six to 15 years old to train their dogs in handling, agility, flyball, obedience, the Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme, and heelwork to music at the annual Young Kennel Club Summer Camp held from July 26 to August 1 in Gloucestershire.

She started training dogs three years ago and has already been to the camp twice.

Katie’s passion is competing at agility with her adult dog Wizz, which she trains daily at home and has regular lessons at Billingshurst dog club and with Crufts champion, Bernadette Bay.

Katie said: “I enjoyed all the exciting training sessions especially agility and seeing my friends again.

“My dogs are my best friends and it was so nice spending a whole week with them.”

The summer camp, sponsored by Eukanuba, aims to keep children active, have fun, make new friends and take part in a wide range of dog training and social events.

A typical day at the camp includes four one-hour training sessions for the children and their dogs and a selection of team time activities, with some days including a workshop or masterclass from dog experts.

Evening activities include games nights, discos, talent shows and many outdoor events.

Gerald King, chairman of the Young Kennel Club, said: “The annual camp is an important event in the development of young people.

“Not only is it run by senior YKC members as part of their learning, it encourages attendees to try different canine activities.

“The key is to enable everyone to work as a team and develop their skills and build self-confidence.

“With eight million dogs in the UK, it is the Kennel Club’s mission to encourage young people to develop a sense of responsibility in dog ownership from a young age.”

All places at YKC Summer Camp are booked but young dog lovers interested in attending one of the popular YKC Activity Weekends can visit YKC’s website at www.ykc.org.uk to find out about becoming a member.