Pavilions’ car park speed bumps labelled ‘ludicrous’

Pavilions in the Park speed bumps (JJP).
Pavilions in the Park speed bumps (JJP).

Speed bumps placed on the exit to the Pavilions’ car park have been labelled ‘ludicrous’ by County Times readers.

Horsham District Council claim that the 5mph speed limit is widely ignored and the six speed bumps were necessary to slow the vehicles down, but declined to comment on the scheme’s cost.

One reader, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “It’s ludicrous and ill conceived.

“I’m all for traffic calming but that’s taken it to the nth degree of ridiculous.”

Asked on Facebook what they thought of the addition, most readers thought it was ‘overkill’, questioned whether they were needed, and thought they would damage car suspensions.

A spokesperson for Horsham District Council said: “The 5mph speed limit in the Pavilions in the Park car park is widely ignored making it dangerous for children and other pedestrians so Horsham District Council is reviewing traffic calming on the site along with measures to make it easier to set down and pick up children near the entrance.

“We also know it is dangerous at the car park exit as people ignore the ‘stop’ instruction and do not give way to Post Office vans, cyclists and pedestrians, so we have installed speed bumps to slow vehicles down. We will review their effectiveness to make sure we are striking the right balance between safety and ease of exit.”

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