‘Pavement mounting is putting people at risk’

JPCT 120313 S13110787x Steyning. Tanyard Lane. Parked traffic -photo by Steve Cobb -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 120313 S13110787x Steyning. Tanyard Lane. Parked traffic -photo by Steve Cobb -photo by Steve Cobb

On-street parking in Steyning has caused outrage amongst residents who say vehicles have been dangerously mounting the pavement to pass through.

Tanyard Lane, which links to the High Street and forms part of a bus route, has suffered bad congestion due to the magnitude of on-street parking, they said.

Residents and councillors voiced their concerns at Steyning’s County Local Committee (CLC) meeting on March 6, asking the Traffic Regulation Order to be withdrawn that recommends the implementation of yellow lines and proposing bollards to be installed instead.

Stonecroft resident Claire Austin is worried about pedestrian safety after witnessing an incident.

She said: “We had our kerbs removed for pedestrian safety, but now it’s worse for them because cars keep driving onto the pavement.

“I know someone disabled who fell over because of the bus scaring him as it mounted it.”

Chairman of Steyning parish council David Barling suggested a combination of bollards to be set in place.

“If you take away parking you will inconvenience people and displace it to other surrounding roads.

“If we don’t take this forward now the proposal will be pushed back to the end of the universe.”

CLC member Derek Deedman was concerned that the position of the bollards could make matters worse.

He said: “We need to make sure there’s mobility for cars so they won’t just come along and see a lot of bollards. I don’t think it will be a significant problem though.”

District councillor Sue Rogers (Con, Ashurst and Steyning) added: “It’s a school route that many young people take, something needs to be done.”

Vice chairman of Steyning parish council Tim Lloyd said: “If you walk along there you can see it’s lethal.”

The committee agreed that bollards would be more suitable.