Paul’s fresh bid to win back Lego stacking record

VIDEO: Horsham man’s bid to win back Lego record

Paul Mellers built a name for himself after breaking the Guinness World Record for the amount of Lego bricks stacked using one brick in 30 seconds.

Paul Mellers Lego World record breaker SUS-140512-111338001

Paul Mellers Lego World record breaker SUS-140512-111338001

But his record of 33 stacked bricks only lasted 72 hours as it was beaten three days later by another competitor who managed to stack together 37.

Paul said: “Of course I will go back and try and beat it, I have some ground to claw back. I am not surprised it got beaten, I think there is definite scope for that 37 to be beaten. I just hope that it is a child who has beaten the record and had a really good day as it made me feel like a kid when I broke it.”

To beat the original record Paul had to stack the most Lego bricks on top of each other in 30 seconds but there was a catch.

He was only allowed to use one brick to pick up the others and the original brick had to remain in his hand at all times.

Paul said he was rather shocked when he found out he had broken the record

“I did not expect to come out with a World record,” he said. “It started off as a bet with my friends saying I bet you can’t do it. I have done some very unusual things in my life and this was one of them.”

The 30-year-old broke the record at an event held by Guinness World Records at the annual Lego convention ‘Brick’, in London, back in November.

The competition ran throughout convention with competitors battling against one another in heats to see who would come out on top and qualify for the final, where they would get a chance to compete for the world record.

Paul explained that only attempts in the final would count towards the world record and even though he managed to stack 38 bricks in the heats, one better than the current record, that attempt did not count.

“Even though there were staff watching and even though they saw my attempt it did not count,” he said. “You only get the one shot at the record and that’s in the final so the pressure was on. To me it doesn’t matter as I knew it was a personal best.”

Paul entered the competition with one of his friends who both breezed through the heats and ended up drawing each other in the final.

“Me and my friend ended up going head to head,” he said. “My friend has to win everything, he can’t stand losing.

“But he crashed out as the pressure got to much for him.”

Paul said that he is now preparing a new technique to try and win back his title but would not reveal his secret.