Parishes join to create new youth provisions


Four South Downs parish councils have joined together to run a new youth service starting this summer.

The parish councils of Steyning, Bramber, Upper Beeding and Ashurst have signed contracts with the social enterprise, Horsham Matters, to run a new youth service due to start June 3.

“This is the first major joint venture undertaken following the Localism Act by the four parishes and shows just what can be achieved by clustering,” said Steyning Parish Council chairman David Barling.

The four chairmen that signed the agreement last week included David Barling, David Coldwell, Roger Potter and Alan Griffiths with the chief executive of Horsham Matters, David Sheldon.

“We’re proud to announce that we’ve now signed the contracts,” said Mr Barling.

“I’m really delighted to have been able to join with my co-charimen in signing the contract with Horsham Matters.

“This is a historic first,” he added.

Horsham Matters will now employ a full time youth worker who will operate out of the Cuthman Centre in Steyning and have responsibility for all youth clubs at the centre and Upper Beeding, as well as outreach work.

Horsham Matters will also form a management committee under the auspices of a new charitable incorporated organisation.

This committee will be headed by an independent chairman and include other members joined by the four serving chairmen of the parish councils involved.

Set up by Horsham Churches Together, Horsham Matters’ aim is to help those in need by using funds raised from the Charity Centre to provide new services for local residents.

If anyone is interested in taking part in the proposed management committee, contact Steyning Parish Council on 01903 812 042 to find out more details.