Parading their way through town’s history

For as long as there have been causes to fight or victories to celebrate, there have been parades.

This Sunday (November 10), will see the town’s men and women who serve in the military march proudly down the High Street to join the Remembrance service at St John’s Church.

With them will be veterans, cadets, scouts and guides, all taking their places to remember the fallen.

Over the years, Crawley has seen many and varied parades pass through its streets, and these pictures show just a few.

From Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee to a memorial in memory of King Edward VII, townsfolk have been keen to take to the streets.

The parade celebrating the Diamond Jubilee was held on June 20 1897 while the one held in honour of the King was held on May 16 1910.

In April 1941, there was a War Weapons Week parade, which was held in front of the George.

The parade included a captured German JU88 bomber and raised £52,333 for the war effort – an absolute fortune in those days.

The pictures in the slideshow show: Hospital parade, Brighton Road, 1920; Parade celebrating Duke of York’s marriage, 1893; Second World War parade, 1946; Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Parade, 1897; War Weapons Week parade, 1941; Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Parade, 1897; A memorial parade for King Edward VII, 1910.