Owner wants her ‘little star’ back

Aaliyah Knight is desperate to get Star back
Aaliyah Knight is desperate to get Star back

A ‘LITTLE star’ that has helped its owner through dark times has gone missing.

Aaliyah Knight, from Shoreham, is desperate to find her cat Star after it went missing on August 12, in the vicinity of Sussex Yacht Club.

She suffers from depression and anxiety attacks, but formed an instant bond with the tortoiseshell when it was brought home by her boyfriend Kevin from Brighton and Hove Bus Garage.

It had been nicknamed Scruffy and lived on the roof for months as a kitten back in 2011. Staff adopted it and created a seating area for it, but Kevin formed a special bond so was allowed to take it home.

Star is about two-and-a-half years old and has a white chin, mottled right ear and collar with reflective stars.

Aaliyah said: “Star is a much-loved family member and we are absolutely distraught at her disappearance and want her home as soon as possible.”

She said Kevin built up a friendship with the cat at the garage before he took it home in February last year.

“The guys in the garage used to take it in turns to buy her food and nicknamed her Scruffy, due to her being covered in diesel and all sorts of stuff from living there,” added Aaliyah.

“Kevin made her a shelter to put up on the roof to protect her from the weather, etc., and she even had her own seating area next to the radiator in the warm rest room by the heater.

“Eventually, the guys all decided that Scruffy was too nice a cat to continue living in the bus garage and it was decided as the strongest bond was with Kevin, he should get first refusal on taking her home.”

She said the first day he took the cat home was one she would never forget and they bonded straightaway.

Aaliyah said: “I decided we had to change her name to Star as that’s what she had become to me, a little Star in my dark times that helped me over the last 18 months and who we’ve helped also.

“It’s amazing the change in Star’s personality since she’s been with us. She used to be an outdoors cat but since being with us, she only ever ventures as far as the front door every night for fresh air and apart from that spends most of her day sleeping or playing with us.

“It is very out of character for her to be away from home for so long. She is a very nervous cat and very wary of people, especially older men.”

Aaliyah is offering a reward for Star’s return.

“Mental illness is something that is not really spoken about,” she added. “Having Star in my life has really helped me and I kind of feel my life is on hold just now as I await her return.

“I didn’t realise how much a little creature can impact on your life in such a positive way.”

Contact 0771 901 0999 with any news of Star