Owl visit inspires school nesting boxes

Cameron from year one with Paddy the barn owl
Cameron from year one with Paddy the barn owl

AN owl visit has encouraged a Shoreham school to provide the birds a home of their own on site.

Children at Shoreham College had the chance to hold and stroke owls during a visit to Shoreham College.

Pupils for early years to year two were visited by Andy Kendall and his parliament of owls last Thursday.

Mr Kendall, from Owls About Town, told the children about owls during a question and answer session.

Children and staff enjoyed the talk so much, the school is now going to build owl nesting boxes and place them around the grounds, off St Julian’s Lane.

Children in early years had been using owls as their focus all week.

They were amazed by the size of Hazel, an ‘enormous’ eagle owl, compared to Winston, a little owl who arrived on Mr Kendall’s shoulder.

Marketing executive Jacqui Hobson said: “The children had the opportunity to hold and stroke the owls. There was a barn owl called Wizzard and he flew from one child to another across the classroom, straight over the children’s heads.

“It was a truly hands-on experience and both children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it.”