Trying a new restaurant in Worthing, plus more fun on a busy weekend: One Thing or a Mother

With the exception of last summer, when lockdown rules were relaxed a little, I’ve not really been able to plan much on weekends for the past year or so.

Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 5:47 pm

So I think that’s why, since rules have eased again the last couple of months, having plans on my days off has made me feel super busy, because it’s juxtaposed against many previous weekends of sitting around the house in my pyjamas and eating cake.

I’m feeling shattered this week after what felt like a really manic weekend. Maybe I’m just not used to this level of repeated social interaction any more. Or maybe I really did just pack a lot in...

Whatever the case, I know I had a really great time and I’m still very much appreciating even the level of lockdown freedom that we have now.

Katherine loves a good meal out. And cocktails, too...

On Friday, three of my lovely school-mum friends and I went for dinner at Aunty Bunny’s Hut in Worthing None of us had ever been before, but we’d heard good things and Trip Adviser promised a delicious feast.

It wasn’t wrong. We ate like kings, I tried my first ever plantain, and we savoured being out together in a restaurant for the first time in a year.

You never want a good night to end, so afterwards we headed to The Cow Shed on Worthing seafront for a nightcap (or three!). A great spot for people watching, and also, apparently, for people flashing their knickers at you and others randomly knocking on the window and talking to you. Maybe we were the ones being people watched?! Like goldfish in a bowl!

The next day, there was more fun to be had. Some of the Herald and Gazette team was meeting up on Hove beach to bid a fond farewell to reporter John Holden, who left us last week. After a decidedly dodgy forecast earlier in the week, the weather gods must have decided to shine on us at the last minute. It turned out to be a warm and sunny afternoon, and we had a fab few hours on the pebbles, before heading to the pub for dinner (much-needed at this point) and to continue the fun.

Journalists are frequently given a hard time. The people who comment on our titles’ social media posts are often not kind to us. But all I know is that in 15 years of working in local news, I don’t think I’ve worked with a bad person. In fact, my colleagues, many of whom have become friends, are some of the nicest people you could meet.

So it was brilliant to spend an afternoon and evening (that’s quite a lot of cocktail time...!) with them, having not seen most of them in person since last March thanks to working from home.

This is not my first-hand experience, but while I was over sunning myself in East Sussex, my husband took our children to the funfair on Broadwater Green. Apparently they loved it, fleeced him for lots of rides and enjoyed some candyfloss. And I hear it was busy, too, so I assume lots of others had the same idea. So nice that simple things like a funfair can go ahead again this year.

And Sunday? Well, it was another great day, thanks for asking. We had our really good family friends round for the day. We were supposed to be going to Sheffield Park, but the weather forecast looked bleak, so we rescheduled. In the evening, we Facetimed our friends who live in Florida, where it was about 95 degrees. I got a bit cross about the pretty terrible summer we’ve had so far, but then I reasoned that despite that I’m still having fun, and I just need to get on with it. With that in mind, there’s already more fun lined up next weekend. Stand by!