Numbers wizard Xavier starts his degree – aged 12

JPMT. Xavier Brown is 12 and doing his second A level in Maths and is doing a degree part time
JPMT. Xavier Brown is 12 and doing his second A level in Maths and is doing a degree part time

FOR many 12 year olds, the thought of A-Levels and degrees are probably at the back of their minds.

However, Xavier from Haywards Heath already has two A*s in Maths and Further Maths at A-Level and is currently studying part-time for a Maths degree.

At the age of eight Xavier completed his Maths GCSE achieving an A*.

Xavier’s mum, Erica Gordon-Brown, of Farlington Close, said: “Xavier always seemed interested in numbers.

“At the age of two, he learnt all his times tables right up to 15 and only took a week to do so.

“When he was growing up we realised how clever he was, we decided not to let him spend all his time on Maths so he also started playing three instruments as well as learning French and Spanish.”

When he turned nine he told his parents he wanted to do a Maths A-Level.

“I agreed in principle, but was hoping he would soon forget the idea once he started playing football at his new primary school,” she said.

Rather than doing the A-Level over the usual two years, Xavier completed it in one and achieved an A*.

Xavier is a full-time student at Oathall Community College.

As well as learning Maths in his spare time he plays chess, football, as well taking part in Tae-kwon-do, trampolining and Streetdance.

Xavier has to sit his exams in Bristol as there is not an exam centre in Sussex due to his age.

Erica said: “He is really learning the A-Level the hard way as most is done by himself, with a tutor once every fortnight.

“He finds Maths quite easy and spends very little time learning it.

“He is also learning Latin and Mandarin outside of school.”

Erica said that the school had been really supportive, giving him time off to do his Maths exams and performing his music.

“They have also encouraged his Maths with the Open University, as well as encouraging Maths challenges,” she added.

After he has finished his degree with the Open University, he said he wanted to either be a composer or a footballer.

Erica said: “He says he would like Maths to ‘fall back on’ should his first choices not work out.”