Noisiest neighbourhoods in Crawley are revealed in council complaint figures

Dogs, diggers and domestic disputes are just some of the disturbances keeping residents up at night, according to council figures.

Domestic noise was the most complained-about issue in the past five years with some 2,188 complaints - 66 per cent of the total.

Barking dogs were the second biggest source of annoyance for complainants with 310 reports since 2008.

Entertainment accounted for 153 complaints, alarms for 192, commercial noise 184 and construction noise 113.

Broadfield is the noisiest place to live with 52 complaints in the last year, while Maidenbower is the quietest with just 18, according to the figures, obtained from Crawley Borough Council under a freedom of Information request.

Pound Hill was the quietest neighbourhood over the past five years with the equivalent of one in 46 people making a complaint.

The noisiest were Northgate, which includes the town centre, with the equivelant of one in 11 residents making a complaint; and West Green, also near the town centre, where one in 19 made a complaint.

The council said six seizures of equipment had been made in Crawley in the past five years.

A council spokesman said: “The council employs a corporate team which is dedicated to dealing with complaints of noise nuisance, as well as other forms of anti social behaviour. We aim to intervene in these problems as early as possible and work with all parties concerned to achieve a successful resolution.

“This approach has proved very successful and means the council is able to avoid expensive legal action in the vast majority of cases.”

Readers on our Facebook page had their say. Jan Large, of West Green said: “On Ifield Road there are screaming, singing drunks most nights, speeding cars, domestics, cars damaged, cans and food waste thrown in your garden and it’s not from neighbours but people walking past, it’s a nightmare.”

Rachael Leah Brook, of Tilgate, said: “Cars zooming up and down the hill that run up to Tilgate lake! Does my head in at night!”

Sally-Anne Lavender, of Tilgate, said: “I live above shops at Tilgate, cars and people don’t bother me whatsoever, not had any problems here, in fact sometimes a little noise is more comforting than an eerie silence.”