Night of music to help fund volunteer project

Amy Lynch with her acceptance letter.
Amy Lynch with her acceptance letter.

A student from Cranleigh is set to hold an 80s-themed fundraiser to help cover the costs of a volunteering project she will embark on later this year.

Amy Lynch, who currently studies at Godalming Sixth Form College, needs to raise £6,200 in order to take a gap year in rural Honduras for 12 months as a primary school teacher.

As well as holding a bake sale and barbecue, Amy has organised a music night featuring live band ‘Our Friends Electric’ which will take place at the Cranleigh Arts Centre on Saturday June 11 to help her reach her target.

She said: “The reason I wanted to become a part of this project is that for the past 18 years of my life, I’ve been extremely fortunate.

“In the developed world, we teach our children to dream. We tell them that they can become whatever they set their minds to. Because of their geographical location, the poverty-stricken children of Honduras and of so many other countries around the world are never given the tools or ability to do this. I want to try and instil that ability into these children,” she added.

“Though I know my year in Honduras won’t change the world, I would like the chance to share my invaluable education and experience with this small section of the human race.”

Amy will be leaving for Honduras at the beginning of September with educational charity Project Trust who have been sending volunteers to the developing world for over 40 years.

She said: “There is a huge disparity of wealth in Honduras causing widespread poverty.

“Not surprisingly, illiteracy rates are high, at around 80% in the countryside and 50% in the more urban areas. As a result, there is a shortage of school teachers and those that do qualify are highly sought-after and are often attracted to the small number of elite private schools.

“This unfortunate situation leaves many poorer children and adults alike without fundamental primary school education. This is a vicious cycle that Project Trust is aiming to change,” she added.

Anyone interested in attending Amy’s 80s music night can buy tickets from the Cranleigh Arts Centre by visiting or calling the box office on 01483 278000.

To donate to Amy’s cause visit