New memberships at car enthusiasts’ club keep on accelerating

SADCASE continues to grow in popularity SUS-150317-105016001
SADCASE continues to grow in popularity SUS-150317-105016001

Word was put around that there would be a gathering of like minded people in a local pub and to Martin’s surprise fifty enthusiasts turned up to see what it was all about.

After a convivial evening, the group decided they would form a club and meet again.

The club would be called the Storrington and District Classic and Sportscar Enthusiasts, it was immediately noticed that the acronym of the club’s title spelled SADCASE and members were soon revelling in being called SADCASES.

Right from the very beginning, the philosophy of the club was very much one of informality, no joining fee, no annual subscriptions, no agendas and no committee telling you what to do; just a small bunch of volunteers called the “gearbox” who help organise events and functions for members to take part in if they want to. All you had to do was go on line and register, or just turn up at a club meeting for a pint and a natter.

At first, club night was on the second Tuesday evening in the month but as the membership passed 500 (and now stands at just over 700) the fourth Tuesday in the month also became a club night. This gave members, who now came from an ever widening catchment area, the choice of two evenings and two locations.

On a sunny summers evening, anything up to 100 cars turning up is not unusual. Last year the club also organised three breakfast gatherings which were very successful. This year, as well as our regular meetings and breakfast gatherings, we also hope to organise one or two other special events.

The club motto is “IF YOU LOVE IT SO DO WE”. Members cars range right through from hot rods, Minis and MX-5s to Cobras, Maseratis and Ferraris; there is even an Iso Griffo. Amongst our number are two successful classic car racers.

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