New help for elderly

AGE UK West Sussex and the Rotary Club of Littlehampton are launching a new scheme called That Helping Hand. The scheme will support older people in the Rustington area and East, West and Broomfield wards of Rustington.

The launch is being held in Rustington at the Rotary Club’s charity shop which is at 1-2 Broadmark Parade, Rustington, on Monday April 4 at 12.30pm.

The scheme is a joint partnership between Age UK West Sussex and the Rotary club, and it is supported by committed volunteers who are able to provide some type of simple practical support to older clients in the Rustington area.

Simple tasks such as changing a light bulb, connecting a computer and printer, connecting a careline, tuning a TV, radio and microwave, fixing a doorbell and changing batteries are all tasks which older people can find dauntingto tackle.

But for others they are simple tasks and they do not need extensive equipment or materials.

Under the new scheme, the clients pay an annual membership fee of £25 for this service, and for this fee, volunteers woorking under the banner of That Helping Hand will visit them twice during the year.

During those visits they will provide assistance and help with simple practical tasks that could otherwise be more costly if provided by a handyman service, who some elderly people are unable to afford or do for themselves.

David Jacobs will launch the scheme, and representatives of local Police and Fire Brigade will also attend the event.