New group to help community health and wellbeing

A NEW community group called Rother Valley Voluntary Community Care Association has been formed to help meet local community health and wellbeing needs. The County Council has given the organisation a £50,000 grant to help co-ordinate and commission local services on behalf of the community.

Rother Valley Voluntary Community Care Association will work with the County Council to enable the delivery of services that will allow people with low and moderate needs to continue living independently in the community.

The organisation has been formed after the local community expressed a strong wish to work with the County Council to enable the delivery of these services. Stakeholders in the organisation include the County Council, residents, town and parish councils, the voluntary sector and Chichester District Council.

It is expected some of the services will be available in the new Midhurst Community and Leisure Centre.

Cabinet Member for Adults’ Services Peter Catchpole said: “The County Council’s day centres are moving to focus on more specialist needs, to take into account the increasing needs of a changing population.

“For residents whose needs do not need to be met in a traditional day centre, community day clubs and services will enhance existing activities that take place in the community.

“We aim to improve services for the most vulnerable and support people to live independently in a community in which they can continue to play a full and active part.

“It is pleasing in Midhurst and the Rother Valley to see the way the community has joined together to help provide these services.”