New group for fybromyalgia sufferers

HELP is at hand for sufferers of fibromyalgia syndrome in the form of a support group, which serves Worthing and surrounding areas.

The group, run by Nichola Bond and volunteers, was started a year ago to help sufferers of this painful syndrome. Since then, a growing number of people have been diagnosed as sufferers and are unaware that the support group can help them.

A special event is being held on Tuesday January 18 from 6.30pm-9pm at Ferring Bapist Church in Ferring, tackling the issues of What is Fibromyalgia Syndrome? What it can do to a sufferer? What support is needed, not just from the NHS, but from family and friends?

Nichola explained: “Support is essential for sufferers and our group offers this. Fibromyalgia can be a debilitating condition and there is no cure. It is a syndrome which means there are a lot of other health issues that come along with it, especially as the years go on. This event is for sufferers, family members, friends, work colleagues, carer’s, holistic practitioners and other professionals. We want to reach as many people as possible and it is an open invitation for all walks of life.”

She said the event aims to educate others so sufferers can have support in their personal life, which is often lacking because of not understanding the syndrome.

“Many find they lose friends because of this terrible health syndrome. It is a lonely condition.

“Unfortunately a lot of us feel let down by the NHS because it does not have the resources to pay for continual support. The one thing that can help is support by education.

“It has been left to people like me, and my volunteers and friends, most of whom have Fibro, to support each other. Within my group I talk about health issues, diet, the body and how it works so the sufferer can start to understand more about their health and how they can help themselves, we have an open discussion time, a lot of fun and laughter which is so important, we go home feeling we have had a great meeting with lots of information and support.

“We have a disabled access, toilets, kitchen and a great hall. We even sort out lifts for people that have no way of getting there and back home,” said Nichola.

Nichola has also started a coffee morning meeting once a month for those whom find it difficult to go out at night. For more information or help, ring Nichola on 08448872394 or email her at or see the website