New cuddly elephant to help the real thing

Fiery elephant character Da Hong and his red panda friend Tian Tian
Fiery elephant character Da Hong and his red panda friend Tian Tian

A CUDDLY elephant made in Shoreham will be supporting the real thing across Europe.

Two new characters have been added to the Pink Chillies range to support working elephants as they retire from zoos and circuses.

Fiery elephant character Da Hong, which means big red in Chinese, and his red panda friend Tian Tian, which means beautiful, will both support Elephant Haven, a European sanctuary for elephants left without a home when their working life is over.

Director Suzanne Till said: “We are delighted to introduce Da Hong and Tian Tian. They’re a fantastic addition to our family, and we are thrilled to be supporting Elephant Haven for the first time.”

The elephant-based brand, which has its head office in Shoreham, was borne out of a love for elephants, wildlife and the planet.

Each Pink Chillies character represents a cause which benefits from a percentage of the character’s sales profits.

According to Elephant Haven, there are currently 141 elephants in circuses and 540 elephants living in zoos across Europe. With a ban on elephants in circuses sweeping across Europe, many of these beautiful creatures have been left with nowhere to go.

The company will donate ten per cent of the profits from sales of Da Hong and Tian Tian to Elephant Haven.