National Gallery painting inspires week-long project

THE National Gallery’s annual Take One Picture arts project has inspired a week of imaginative artwork in local primary schools.

Upper Beeding Primary School produced a range of exciting and eye-catching pieces, encompassing a range of media.

Work by years three and four, inspired by Georges Seurat's The Bathers at Asni�res

Work by years three and four, inspired by Georges Seurat's The Bathers at Asni�res

Every year, the National Gallery selects one painting from its collection and this year’s choice was Georges Seurat’s The Bathers at Asnières.

The painting was slowly revealed to children at the School Road site, with the last piece uncovered during an assembly.

Teacher Corrine Wellby said: “The children showed great enthusiasm and energy and arrived at some great ideas as to what they wanted to do during our Take One Picture week.

“The week allowed children to get into areas of art never explored before. From reproducing the picture using cotton buds and paint, to giving individual children a section of the picture to re-create in a media of their choice, the week of activities saw children producing high-quality pieces of art.”

In literacy, pupils wrote play scripts based on characters in the painting and then brought them to live by the riverside.

Some classes focused on rivers across the world and produced an eye-catching display using a range of media.

The picture also inspired a range of music-making activities, from songwriting in Years One and Two, to composing a rap with a beatbox accompaniment in Years Five and Six.

Mrs Wellby added: “We are very proud of the work the children produced during this week, which has been displayed for both parents and visiting teachers.”