Mysterious ‘loud bangs’ heard across UK - Horsham mentioned in tweets

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Mysterious loud bangs were heard last night (Saturday November 29) across Britain, including Horsham, according to a national newspaper.

The Daily Mail online writes: “Britons have been left baffled by a string of ‘loud bangs’ which shook windows and disturbed children and pets from Glasgow to Devon to London.”

The report carries a number of Tweets from people across the country, including one from a person in Horsham, referring to the loud bangs.

And other tweets appear from people in the Horsham district under the hashtag #loudbangs reporting the same noises.

The sounds are said to have happened between 9pm and 10pm.

The Mail adds that “Many suspected sonic booms similar to ones which shook Kent last month when two RAF jets intercepted a Latvian cargo plane in British airspace.”

However, a Ministry of Defence spokesperson said no aircraft were scrambled.

Some people across the country on Twitter have referred to various firework displays being held which may have added to the confusion.

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