Mum praises ‘gentle’ attachment methods

A YOUNG mother has set up an attachment parenting group in Worthing in a bid to dispel the myths about controversial parenting techniques.

When Ruth Allan, 22, gave birth to Alexander 18 months ago, she felt that THE advice given to her by health visitors was strict and rigid.

The said: “I had a child at a young age and I did not always feel that I got the right support from health visitors.

“I felt intimidated as they were telling me I was doing things wrong even though it felt so natural to me, one example of this is co-sleeping.

“It started as soon as I had him, I breast fed him from birth and one night I fell asleep with him.

“Then I looked into it and realised that I was naturally parenting in this way without even realising it- I was not aware it had a label.

“I wanted to form a group for like-minded people where everyone was honest with each other.

“As this group is run by parents it can be more flexible and is open to discuss things that health visitors can not.

“Other mums, dads and grandparents have helped me so much on my parenting journey so the aim of this group is to help people who are in the situation I was, and to help support those already on a gentler parenting pathway.

“I also want to break the myths surrounding attachment parenting such as extended breast feeding and baby wearing.”

The group meets fortnightly at St Matthew’s Church in Tarring Road, Broadwater.

There is an information board covering a different topic at each session and slings can be loaned out to parents.

Ms Allan said: “We promote baby wearing as it can help with bonding, helps breast feeding and can help with postnatal depression and our sling library helps people to try this out before committing to buying.

“We have 84 members now and they are a range of ages, and the feedback has been really positive so far.

“This is not a hippy group like people so often think we will be, it is about parenting naturally and picking and choosing what works for you and your family. It is important for people to know that there are other choices.”

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