MP not in favour of ‘walking away’ from Syria crisis


Crawley’s MP has defended voting for the UK to respond to the Syrian conflict saying dictators will see ‘the British are not interested in crises’.

Speaking the day after the vote on Friday Henry Smith MP said: “We need to be clear that last night’s vote was not about supporting military action. It was about allowing the UN weapons inspectors to determine whether Assad had used chemical weapons on women and children.

“There would have been a second vote next week as to whether military action should be taken. The ironic thing was that an hour before the vote there were reports of Assad using napalms.

“I am not in favour of military action, but I’m also not in favour of walking away and not being interested in helping.

“It’s foolish for any country to say they will never take any military action. One of the things in last night’s motion, if there was a future vote on military action was that it had to be legal and proportionate.

“That’s a moot point now; we are not going to do anything.

“The concern has to be that other dictators wanting to use chemical weapons see the British are not interested in crises around the world, which is a shame for a country with a long standing record of humanitarian aid.”