Movies inspire sixth form fundraiser

Students and staff donned a variety of costume for the dazzling Movie Magic party
Students and staff donned a variety of costume for the dazzling Movie Magic party

AN induction party to introduce new sixth formers at Steyning Grammar School set the ball rolling for charity fundraising in years 12 and 13.

The dazzling evening, with a Movie Magic theme, was the first charity event of the year organised by Sixth Form College students to raise funds for St Barnabas House Hospice and Riders UK.

Students and staff donned movie costumes, from Minnie Mouse to the Incredible Hulk.

The sixth form student charity committee, in particular Jessica Thomas and Chris Oliver, were praised for their hard work in making the event such a success, including strobe lighting and wall movies.

Charlotte Schrader, head girl of boarding, said: “We got an enormous amount of satisfaction from knowing that we worked hard to organise the event and the result was that everybody had a great deal of fun whilst raising money for two charities that are very close to the hearts of the student body.”

The charities were selected following presentations from a variety of charities during an assembly.

Learning leader Cathy McDonald-Bowyer said: “One student in particular gave a very good presentation concerning the charity Riders UK and as a result of this, the students decided to support this charity.”

Riders UK is a a group of British doctors who go to Africa to hand out medical supplies and St Barnabas House is a hospice in Worthing.

As well as giving new sixth formers a chance to get to know each other the event raised £400.