Mountain climb in aid of Macmillan

Michael Goldsmith from Horsham
Michael Goldsmith from Horsham

For Michael Goldsmith, from Horsham, April 30 was quite a poignant date since this year marked his and Bronwen’s 17th wedding anniversary as well as the 20th anniversary of his father losing a relatively short fight against cancer at the age of just 66 years.

So, on Saturday April 23 he went north to climb England’s highest mountain Scafell Pike. Having never done anything like this previously - he is quoted as saying that one of his greatest climbs to date would be up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire - he climbed with a small group of friends, who are more experienced, considerably fitter and a little younger than he.

Further more, they elected not to take the more common route but one that presented more of a challenge with some scrambles along the way - he hadn’t bargained for that part!

Michael says he doesn’t like heights and could become slightly panicky when confronted with them especially as he has - in his own words - clonky knees and a dodgy back. The route was 18km and a 10 hour round trip.

This was his opportunity to raise a little money for a charity which means so much to so may. Well his did. He raised a fantastic £1,500 for the Local Billingshurst Macmillan Cancer Support.