Midhurst skateboarders bring back the annual competition

Jason Woodman in action.ks16000718
Jason Woodman in action.ks16000718

Midhurst skateboarders are bringing back the annual competition in a bid to raise awareness of the need for new facilities.

The competition which was abandoned more than ten years ago, will return to the Carron Lane recreation ground this year on Sunday August 27.

It is the brainchild of skate boarder Jason Woodman (27) who last year went to the town council to flag up the need for new equipment.

He told them the current ones were almost unusable. And he said new equipment would cost between £120,000-£130,000.

Acknowledging the council’s finances would not foot the bill Jason said he was keen to start fundraising by bringing back the popular competition.

“Originally this first one was to fund raise,” Jason told the Observer, “but it has been a very steep learning curve. I have never done anything like it before, so even if it doesn’t raise a lot of money this year it will raise awareness of what we are trying to do and next year we will have more experience.”

He has now enlisted the help of fellow skateboarder Stephen Else (32), better known as ‘Stig’ in Midhurst who became well known when, as one of the first contestants in the original competition, he jumped 12 skate boards.

Midhurst town councillors are backing the competition, but have been unable to commit funding to it this year because they are not the organisers and because they cannot give grants to individuals.

“As much as I’d really like to support these guys,” said finance chairman Carol Lintott, “I can’t magic the money.”

She said she hoped with more time next year, the town council could work with the organisers to provide more support and a grant.

In the mean time Jason is appealing for volunteers to help marshall the event on the day and to provide first aid cover.

Anyone who would like to help should contact him through Facebook or at dj.ninja@live.co.uk