Midhurst parking ticket despite blue badge

Carer Peter Rosic outside his mother Ellen's home.  Picture by Louise Adams C130520-2
Carer Peter Rosic outside his mother Ellen's home. Picture by Louise Adams C130520-2

A SON was hit with a parking ticket, while he left the car to care for his elderly mum.

Peter Rosic had his mother’s blue badge on display on the car’s dashboard as he helped her inside her home in Midhurst, after they returned from a shopping trip to Petersfield.

She had said she felt unwell in the car and he had taken her inside.

“I didn’t leave her – she didn’t want me to leave her,” he said. He had made sure the clock was set on the blue badge when he left the car.

However, when he returned, it was to find a parking ticket attached.

His mother Ellen, who is 87 and in a wheelchair, lives with her husband John, 93, in Mida Cottage at the top of Rumbolds Hill, next to the Wheatsheaf Pub.

“I look after my parents and am my mother’s official carer,” said Peter.

“I try to get mum out and about. It gets her out the house.

“I try not to take advantage of parking outside. I get them inside and take the car elsewhere to park.”

However, in this case, he had no choice but to leave the car.

He added his mum suffered from bad asthma attacks and in this instance she was having breathing problems.

“I’m quite upset about it,” Peter said, who is appealing against the parking ticket, issued at 10.52am on Tuesday, April 9.

He said he has explained he was looking after his mum.

As his mother’s official carer, Peter said he would often need to park right outside their house and added: “This is going to happen every time.”

He said this was the second parking ticket he had received when the badge was on display.

“I wanted people to be aware this is happening,” he said, adding he wanted people to know blue badge holders were receiving parking tickets.

The road outside his parents’ house is double-yellow lined, however a blue badge does entitle a car to be parked there for a period of time.

The blue badge belongs to Mrs Rosic and the car belongs to Peter, who lives in Wool Lane, in the centre of Midhurst.