Midhurst firefighters tackle Liphook pub fire

Fire at the Green Dragon pub
Fire at the Green Dragon pub

A TEAM of Midhurst firefighters attended a pub blaze in Liphook last Thursday morning (January 17), and helped salvage valued possessions before they were destroyed.

More than 50 firefighters from three counties rushed to the fire around 10.45am, which started in the roof of the Green Dragon pub, in London Road.

It is believed the fire started after workmen, who were putting a new felt roof on the pub, accidentally set fire to one of the beams with a propane gas torch.

The six-person crew from Midhurst was led by watch manager Nigel Gamblen.

“The roof was well alight when we arrived,” he said, and added there were many items of furniture, televisions, and other memorabilia inside.

“We went in and got them,” he added. “There were a lot of things that obviously were special to the pub – old pictures from years ago. We had to unscrew them from the wall. It was not a quick job of just lifting them off.”

The crew did not just stay on the ground floor, they also climbed up to the first floor, under the burning roof, and retrieved some items from the living quarters where the fire was yet to spread.

No one was injured during the incident.

The roof was completely destroyed, as well as most of the first floor.

Sections of roof were cut out to stop flames spreading to adjoining properties.