MIDDLE EAST: Reasons for new agreement are overwhelming, says Mid Sussex MP

Mid Sussex MP Nicholas Soames
Mid Sussex MP Nicholas Soames

The MP for Mid Sussex, Nicholas Soames, has co-signed a letter to The Times newspaper urging peace talks to continue between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Mr Soames, who is also the President of the Conservative Middle East Council, has shared his correspondence with the Mid Sussex Times, declaring the issue a ‘subject of frequent and vigorous constituency correspondence’.

The Letter, co-signed by five MPs reads: “Sirs,

“Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest efforts to deliver a resolution through the Middle East Peace Process should not be allowed to fade quietly into the night.

“The region is experiencing the turmoil of a horrific conflict in Syria, violent extremism is growing and the full ramifications of the upheaval in the Arab world commenced in Tunisia in 2010 have yet to be realised. As politicians who have a long standing passion for the Middle East and its peoples, and have engaged with the peace process from both sides of the argument, we fear that a final breakdown of talks could end a fragile status quo, and increase risk at a dangerous time.

“By contrast, an agreed outcome - negotiated two state solution for two peoples: a safe and secure Israel recognised within its borders, living alongside a democratic, independent Palestinian state - could deliver political and security dividends, and the benefits of fully developing a Palestinian economy and integrating that of Israel into a region which requires some forty million new jobs in the next decade to support a young and increasing population.

“Whilst we know there will always be reasons for each side to say ‘no’, and always those willing to applaud failure, the reasons now for agreement on well known parameters are overwhelming. Friends of both should urge them to ignore provocations no matter how serious, realise each is no longer the other’s worst enemy and build on some brave statements and gestures to deliver the stability of peace so long desired by so many.

“Yours faithfully

Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP, Minister for the Middle East 2010-13

Rt Hon Nicholas Soames MP, President Conservative Middle East Council

Rt Hon Anne McGuire MP, Chair, Labour Friends of Israel

Martin Horwood MP Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat International Affairs Committee

James Clappison MP, Chairman, Conservative Friends of Israel


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