Making waves with paddle board rentals


A NEW paddle board concession is sweeping beach-goers off their feet and into the sea on Shoreham Beach.

Whatsup has launched the paddle board rentals near the entrance to Ferry Road and on any fair weather day boards can be taken out.

The team began the rentals on Saturday, June 29, and gradually encouraged people onto the boards and out into the ocean.

Jamie Benton said: “We got off to a fantastic start as the only rentable recreation on Shoreham Beach. The temperature was kicking 26 degrees so the beach was reasonably busy.

“Speaking to a lot of the beach-goers, they had always wanted to try stand-up paddle boarding and being able to rent them for an hour gave them the freedom to do so while on the beach.

“It did take a while for people to give it a go. High tide was at 12pm and only a few brave ones had ventured out, even though conditions were perfect. But by 3pm, more people had given it a go once they had seen how easy it is to try.” One paddler, Edward Beadel, said: “I went out for an hour with my girlfriend it was easy to pick up and great to have something to do while relaxing on the beach.”

By the end of the day, more than 12 people had tried Whatsup boards with a mixture of experience. The team believes more people will come to try it out as it isn’t hard to learn and the water has now warmed up.

Jamie added: “Stand-up paddle boarding really is the world’s fastest-growing water sport for a reason. It’s versatile and easy, but also great fun and good exercise for the whole body. As good surf is few and far between on our Sussex coastline, SUP has become an increasingly popular way of getting on the water instead of traditional surfing. The boards are lightweight but incredibly buoyant and stable, the rider stands and moves through the water using a long paddle.”

Whatsup is supported by Adur and Worthing councils and the team comprises Jamie Benson, Adrian Worman and Connor Lamb.Visit for more information.