Lorries in the lane

RE your recent report about the dangers of lorries in Lake Lane, Barnhams, a recent photograph showing a cyclist in Lake Lane said it all. I work in Lake Lane so I know first hand the problems of negotiating the massive HGV’s on a narrow ‘lane’.

The picture clearly showed how little space the cyclist is left with. The speed limit is 40mph plus the lane is only 4.5 meters in this section of road.

If another car, cyclist or motor bike comes along there is no-where to go, the only option is to drive into the ditch, not easy if you are in a car or on a motorbike, or the Westergate school bus.

For WSCC Highways to state that the current level of activity along Lake Lane does ‘at times cause disruption and inconvenience to other users of the lane’, is somewhat of an under-statement!

WSCC Highways needs to take a bike ride along Lake Lane. The problem is they might not be alive to make the follow up statement.

Jonathan Leeds