Loo lock-in contractor disciplined

THE member of staff who left an elderly man locked in public toilets in Shoreham has been reprimanded.

The 91-year-old was left in the toilets in Middle Street when cleaners locked up.

Adur District Council confirmed the toilets had not only been closed without checking if anyone was inside, but they had been closed too early.

A spokesman said: “We can confirm the person employed by our contractors, Wettons, had not only closed them too early at around 8.38pm (before the required 9pm) but also without carrying out the required physical check to see if anyone was still in the toilets.”

The council said the man had been able to alert a member of the public outside, who called 999, although Shoreham firefighters said at the time the man had made the call himself.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue contacted Wettons and a member of staff immediately returned to rescue the man, who was released from the toilets within 15 minutes of the call being made.

The council spokesman added: “Since this incident, Adur and Worthing councils have reprimanded the contractor, who have since disciplined their employee and reminded all their staff of the correct procedures to carry out when closing our public toilets.

“We apologise to the gentleman and hope he wasn’t too upset by his experience.”