Long-serving postman could move to a new round

Postman Mark Griffin has served one community for 12 years
Postman Mark Griffin has served one community for 12 years

A Horsham community is determined to retain their beloved postman, who has been delivering their post for the last 12 years.

Mark Griffin has developed a ‘rapport’ with locals at the Old Millmeads estate, but may be moving rounds as a result of a reorganisation of delivery routes at Horsham Post Office.

The campaign to keep Mr Griffin on his route is being led by Martin Bruton, 59, who is street co-ordinator of the Residents and Neighbourhood Watch Scheme at Old Millmeads.

He said: “Over 12 years Mark has built up a unique knowledge and rapport with residents and become a much valued member of the Old Millmeads estate community.

“He is cheerful, helpful, approachable, honest, hard working, reliable, on time and goes above and beyond his duties by talking to people and keeping an eye on the elderly and alone.

“He has over the years been accepted as a valued and appreciated member of the local community.”

Mr Griffin’s customers have been busy writing letters to the Post Office, which received ten letters on one day alone.

Mr Bruton, who has lived at Old Millmeads for the entirety of Mr Griffin’s time delivering there, explained that the area has come together in an effort to keep their postman.

He added: “I have received many emails from residents on the estate and been stopped and spoken to about Mark. The positive comments regarding Mark and what he means to local people has been heart warming.

“We don’t want someone new who doesn’t know the people and doesn’t know who to look out for.

“We are grateful that he really wants to stay on our round.”

Mr Griffin said he does not know whether he will be asked to change rounds.

“I didn’t realise I meant that much to them but obviously I do,” he said.

“I’m a bit overwhelmed really and very surprised.

“It has come out the blue. I am always chatty like most postmen are, but everybody is very nice and I am very lucky,” he said

Testaments from other, anonymous residents of the Old Millmeads estate are also supportive of Mr Griffin.

He is described as ‘an asset to the Neighbourhood Watch’, ‘reliable, helpful and honest’, and ‘a fantastic postman’.

Royal Mail spokesperson Sally Hopkins said: “It is always gratifying when our customers recognise the hard work of their postman or woman.

“As part of the changes we introduced last month to Royal Mail services in the Horsham area some customers may notice that a different postman or woman will deliver their mail.

“However, we can assure customers that all our staff are trained to the same high standards and quality of service will be maintained.”

If the Post Office decide to proceed with the reorganisation of Mr Griffin’s delivery route, the changes will come into place on September 2.