Lollipop man breaks five ribs in West Sussex school crash

John in 2016. Photo by Derek Martin. SUS-160229-203332008
John in 2016. Photo by Derek Martin. SUS-160229-203332008

The daughter of a lollipop man injured in a crash has praised the ‘amazing’ paramedics who helped him.

Abi Smith, daughter of John Gooderham who was ‘hit by a car’ outside Billingshurst Primary School near Horsham, according to the headteacher, has spoken out after the incident.

She said: “He’s broken five ribs. They did lots of internal scans.

“We brought him back from the hospital last night.

Abi added that John was ‘very grazed and bruised’.

She said: “[It was] horrific for the children who witnessed it.

“A crowd of parents and teachers went to him straight away and surrounded him.

“They were able to shield children from seeing too much.

“The staff came out and helped the children cross the road. Everyone came together and helped out. It was amazing.”

Abi said John would be ‘out of action for a while’.

But this isn’t the first time John has been injured in the line of duty.

Last year police launched an investigation after he had cans thrown at him from a passing vehicle and was struck by a car ‘at slow speed’.